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Sophia Beauchamp - The Hunt by NewEvilRising
Sophia Beauchamp - The Hunt

My life is so easy. All I have to do is look good and I have men flocking to be with me. And the best part is this; I get to pick and choose who I want. Who I want to have a drink with, who I want to dance with, who I to go home with, but most importantly, whose life force I want to devour. Finding prey for a woman like me is always easy but with this current day and age, it is a bit tougher to find prey that can provide a gourmet feast that a succubus like me desires. Granted the sex gets better with the guy’s experience but I do miss finding that scent, the scent of an innocent life force, a virgin. His life force, or what a lot of others would call their soul, is by far a more sustaining meal in providing the energy I require. Finding one would mean I wouldn’t have to go out hunting for weeks. But I have grown accustomed to having some great sex with the experienced men. If I did end up devouring a virgin, I might go back out looking for desert so that I could also be satisfied sexually. But I haven’t had that happen in decades. But I am also picky on who I take. He must look good and take good care of himself. Not be a slob and obese.

Tonight I need to find a meal. My last one only lasted about a couple of days and now I need another. Luckily for me, Bridgeport always has a great flavor of men that I can take. There are always the immigrants that are looking for a better life. There is the clubs, where I could find a quick meal and be on with the rest of my night depending if I happen to find someone good in bed or not, a college where I could find youthful boys and may get lucky to find a good looking virgin, and that’s just a few options I have. I picked up my cell phone on the night stand next to my bed to call a friend, Bianca Bordeaux, to see if she wanted to go out with me. I hit her speed dial number on my phone and it took a couple of rings before I would get an answer.

“Sophia, what is it? Your interrupting me in the middle of a romantic night with Nathan.” She said in a rather grumpy tone.

“Sorry I know you don’t like being interrupted in the middle of a meal or when you’re already having fun. I was calling to ask if you want to go out but I already get the idea of what your night is going to be.” I said with a chuckle.

Bianca let out a sigh before giving a chuckle in response. “Go have some fun my friend. And don’t call here for the rest of the night. I am going to be busy with Nathan for the rest of the night.” She let out a giggle as I could hear a smacking sound on some skin which only led me to believe that kissing is involved. “Oh and if you happen to drive by our place, could you make sure that the woman we enjoyed is off our property and fine. I would have called a taxi for her but Nathan is persistent. She left while we were in the middle of something……” she couldn’t finish because I heard Bianca let out muffle sounds before a moan and then the phone hung up.

I just chuckled a bit and I would indeed check on the human woman they enjoyed before I go hunting. It also helped they were near a nice bar that I love going to, The Admirals Pub. It isn’t for the sort for casual dress. They have a dress code where any and all patrons needed to be dressed up and looking good. I got onto my feet at the side of my bed. While I was getting out of bed, I shifted my feet into a nice pair of stiletto heel pumps. As I stood on my feet, I shifted into a nice black dress with cut out hole just at the shoulders. My lips have a shade of red and shined to be very kissable. I also shifted on my ears, silver ear rings. I pressed my reddish brown hair up with my hands to make sure that it was nice and soft. After one final look at myself in the mirror of my night stand, I walked out of my bedroom and of my lush apartment with my matching black purse in my hand.

I decided to walk to The Admirals Pub as shifting to my normal form with my wings wasn’t option as well as flying to the bar. I didn’t want to expose myself to my potential prey. Besides, it also help showing off to get the looks as well scan over whom I want for dinner. I walked past the complex of where Bianca’s apartment, or flat as Bianca prefers it, as the woman that my friend was talking about wasn’t there. I am guessing she was able to hail a taxi but there was no need for me to worry since the woman wasn’t there.

A few more blocks and I reached and walked into The Admiral Pub. I was able to walk right past the bouncer as he didn’t need stop me since I was dressed well. I didn’t take any time to scan over the potential meals without getting a drink first. I reached the bar when a very good scent hit my nose. I sat at the end of the bar on a stool and crossed my legs. I put my purse on a stood next to me on the bar and the tender came up to me. He smiled and I watched his eyes look me over in lustful desire. But he didn’t smell of that lovely sent I caught. Still he would end up fixing me my drink.

“What will it be beautiful?” the bar tender said.

“I will have a Bronx and my name is Sophia.” I said in response.

“Mine is Laurence.” he said as pulled out the orange juice, gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, and the shaker. He poured the liquid into the shaker and some ice. He shook up the shaker for a few seconds before grabbing a martini glass. He filled the glass and put an orange slice on the glass. I took a hold of a pick that I would use to play with when it comes into my drink.

“Here you go.” Laurence said as he placed the drink before me and I put the pick into the drink.

“Thanks, I will start a tab.” I said to him and took the glass into my hand and took a sip. It tasted wonderful and I put it down on the bar. Just in time when that wonderful scent of someone delicious, someone I had to claim for my prey. The scent was getting closer and I had to look.

I turned to see a man dressed in a nice white button up shirt with some tree designs on it. It looked great with the black slacks. I was then able to catch his face. The most noticeable features were his eyes and hair. His hair is redder then mine at the moment, and the best was his emerald eyes. The scent was coming from him. I looked around to make sure from the direction of where he was walking from that he was alone. Lucky for me, he was. I smirked as I looked him over once again and I could see how slender he is.

“Hey Laurence, can I get a lemon gingerini?” he asked.

“Not a problem Claude.” Laurence responded.

I smiled watched and took in more of the scent of Claude who was standing next to me as I was wondering why he smelled so good. It didn’t hit me until after I seen Claude took a smaller martini glass in hand. He is a virgin. It had been a long, long time since I feasted on a virgin life force.

Claude turned and looked at me and I gave him a knowing look. He smirked and turned away. I could tell that he is very shy and this night he will be my dinner.

((The art was made by :iconhanechan: Hanechan. However this character is made after a model that I like. :iconpicturingscarlett: Picturing Scarlett. [I know her name before the change as Scarlett Madison] I have always loved how beautiful she is and wanted to make her into a character. I just hope she is okay making her into a succubus because her looks just makes me feel like she can just steal your soul. There are more parts to come. Also this is important as I have given a name to the city that Bianca and now Sophia are in. I don't know if Bridgeport is a real city but I am making this a fictional big city.))

Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate part 5 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate part 5

Two days later, I felt Nathan’s nearing his completion of turning into a vampire. I hadn’t left his bedside for these two days making sure that my love would turn without any problems. Don’t know what happened for the past couple of days but I knew I had to go out and find a couple of humans so that we can feed and for Nathan, complete his transformation into a vampire. I wanted to make this a candle lit dinner for us and I left a note for him as well as a nice suit for him to dress in. I wanted him to look good as I planned on getting women for us to have.

The note read: Dear Nathan, you have been so brave and if you wake while I am gone, please wait here as I am out bringing back for us a romantic dinner for two. If you could please light the candles and wait for me patiently to return as I don’t plan on taking too long in finding us a meal. I love you darling and you have been so brave. I will see you soon. Bianca.

I left my flat dressed in a black leather gown with matching gloves, black stiletto heel pumps, and a diamond choker with diamond ear rings. I didn’t want women who look like they were ready to pick up a random guy and had no class. No, I want only the best for Nathan’s first meal. It didn’t take me long to reach the place I was going. I entered into the opera house alone and I began my search for beautiful and classy women. Hell if I was lucky, I would be able to bring home two virgins but I doubt that would happen.

My search was thankfully short I was able to find two woman who seem to be a couple themselves. A long brown haired woman in a red gown and a short raven haired woman in a green gown were arm and arm with each other, to which got me to smile. I walked over to the two women, weaving between humans to reach those whom I wanted to make mine and Nathan’s prey.

After a half an hour of talking as well as influence the humans, to which humans from Hollywood would call glamour or compulsion. I brought home, Emma, the brown haired woman and Nikki, the raven haired woman, for me and Nathan. I smiled when I saw Nathan dressed in the suit and tie I left for him to dress in as well as he is lighting the final candle. The humans entered into the flat first and I closed and locked the door behind them. We all made our way to the couch with me and Nathan in the middle with Nikki to the left of Nathan and Emma to the right of me. I allowed Nathan to watch as I took Emma and began to play with the human as our lips met in a heated and lustful kiss. It wasn’t long before I would see Nikki do the same with Nathan and he took to playing with his prey.

I broke the kiss on Emma and quickly with my fangs exposed but not showing Emma, I found the human’s neck and bit into it. Emma gasped and soon moaned out in pure blissful pleasure as I drank from her slowly the sweet succulent wine of life although it was not to the spice I would have preferred but I never turn away a good meal. Nathan had taken to my lead and done the same although I was guessing that he is drinking Nikki quickly as his body was indeed hungering.

I was grateful of biting my human first as I made her too weak to struggle and withdrew from Emma and turned to Nathan. “Don’t drink her too fast. Enjoy her sweet blood. Don’t rush her into the embrace of death.” I whispered into Nathan’s ear and he withdrew gasping with a large shocked look on his face and well as blood trickling from his lips.

“My God, she is delicious.” Nathan gasped out while Nikki moaned out as she too was weak but still alive for now.

I giggled as I watched Nathan enjoy his meal. “Come, taste my meal with me.” I said as I felt Nathan lean over me to get a taste of Emma. “Drink slowly from her.” I whispered to him.

Nathan did as I said but he bit into Emma’s thigh and drank from the lovely human. Emma let out a gasp and a low moan of pleasure as I watched. It was quick as it only lasted a brief moment before Nathan withdrew, again gasping with how delicious Emma was.

“Wow, is this what I tasted like when you took from me?” he asked

“No, you tasted much better.” I responded. “Emotions of humans can either enhance the flavor of their blood or make it bad. Also their diet also matters as well. As you can tell these women take great care of themselves and we were able to make them lustful so their blood is as sweet and spicy as if we were having sex.”

“Wow.” Nathan responded again and I chuckled.

“We have many nights for you to learn how blood is either enhanced or tainted but let’s enjoy the rest of our meals.”

With a nod, we took turns sharing the woman until there was no life or blood left to drink. Once we were done with our dinner we didn’t talk for the rest of the night. We kissed, quickly made it to my bedroom and bed, and made love for the first time for Nathan as a vampire and as the first time as mates. When we were exhausted, we gazed at each other as I could guess his wonder.

“I will show you how to get rid of a corpse tomorrow. But for now, just stay with me.” I said as we clung together as the hours of day light put us to sleep.

((Artwork made for me by :iconhanechan: HaneChan. The last chapter to this part of the story of Bianca. Next up, a new character. My succubus, Sophia Beauchamp. I hope everyone likes Bianca so far as well as I hope I did Hane proud with my story for the images I commission that was made for me.))
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate part 4 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate part 4

I saw that Nathan was clinging to life and if it wasn’t for my strength, I held him up but I would guide him onto his knees so that he wouldn’t fall in a pile at my feet. I knelt in front of him as I took my fingernail on my index finger and made a cut just above my breast. My blood started to ooze out that if Nathan drinks enough, he will become a vampire.

“You have been brave my love. Now you must be brave and summon the strength to drink my blood.” I said softly as I wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted him back to his feet. I pressed Nathan to the rail and pulled my lover’s lips to the wound I made for him to drink blood. I felt Nathan’s licking at my blood at first but it soon his lips covered my wound and felt him sucking hard upon my chest.

My blood Nathan drank and I felt the connection between sire and fledging start. He sucked more from me and I started to gasp as my blood that gives me strength and my immortality poured into Nathan’s mouth and down his throat. It wasn’t long now before I would feel the cold gripping at him and that it was time for him to stop. Otherwise I will be too weak to help him back to my home to where he would rest peacefully and let his change happen.

“That is enough my love.” I said to Nathan gasping as I pulled his lips from my wound. I took a couple of steps back and Nathan fell to the ground with my blood all over his lips and chin. I continued to gasp as I watched Nathan as I needed to speak to him quickly. “When you wake in a couple of days, you will wake in my home, in the bed we have shared many times. I will also have some clothes for you to wear as well as dinner ready for us.”

I don’t know how much of my words Nathan was able to take in where we were at as pain started to grip him. He didn’t have the strength to scream out. My wound on my chest was healed now but I wouldn’t let him suffer this pain alone. I quickly moved to his side and held him in my arms and whispered to Nathan.

“Do not fight this, my love. Just give into the power quickly and your pain will only be brief and you will sleep a deep sleep as your body turns from human to vampire.” I said as I looked into his eyes. I pressed a soft kiss upon Nathan’s lips before his eyes closed and death claimed his mortal body. I watched him as Nathan looked as peaceful in his sleep like state as his mortal body, which had already started to change, becomes a vampire.

I picked up Nathan into my arms and with my remaining strength and speed, moved quickly which would seem like a blur to mortal men and women as I took my love home. It didn’t take long since my lavish flat is so close to the part where we met.

Once there, I laid my beautiful Nathan in the bed we had shared some many times. I covered him in the covers as I figured I could go a couple of hours before my hungering body would need another victim. Though this time, it would be likely I would kill my victim. I couldn’t do that since in a couple of days, I will have to take care of corpses that we will make when Nathan wakes a vampire. I left him in the bedroom and when out back into the night to replenish what I lost to Nathan. Soon we will be spending eternity together.

Art work made by :iconhanechan: HaneChan.))
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate part 3 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate part 3

I looked into his eyes with a big smile and showing him my fangs as excitement filled me. I haven’t had a mate in such a long time that I felt as if my heart was fluttering with more than my hedonistic desire to take him for my lust of blood and of his sex. I gripped his arms and nodded as he wanted to know what was going to happen which he does have a right to know.

“I am going to bite you and drink your blood. You are going to be brought to the point death. Then I will offer you up my blood and you will have to drink. You will not need to worry as I will be able to control what you take in. From there you will feel pain after my blood sets in and you will die. But for you it will only be like sleeping. After a couple of days you will rise a hungry vampire. Sadly you will more than likely kill your first few humans and but I will help you with how to control your thirst so that you don’t kill.” I said in a matter of fact tone as my eyes remain locked on Nathan’s. “Is this something you will be able to handle? Killing is what we do and if you can’t handle it, then I won’t turn you.”

Nathan paused for a moment after is spoke my last words but it was only for a short moment. “I understand I will end up killing and I would need to handle it. I know vampires are now public knowledge so I know that killing those whom I take from is a bad option. Those that do not survive my bite, I will morn their passing and honor the life they had to lose to give to me my immortality.”

I smile at him as I pressed him against the rail of the bridge and smile at him. “I will turn you and make you my mate, my husband.” I said to him as I lean into him, my lips and fangs seeking his neck. He offered up his neck and for the first time, my fangs enter Nathan’s neck. I took great painful efforts to slip my fangs into his neck in a way to not cause him pain.

He held me close as I began to suck, his hot blood full of deep love and desire for me made it hard for me to keep control as I drink of his blood. Hot and sticky, the elixir of life that all vampires drink to keep their immortal life is delicious. While I drank of his blood, I was carefully listening and feeling his heart beat as I didn’t want to kill Nathan.

Nathan’s grip on me began to weaken as well as his heart beat. I continued to suck and swallow his blood until it I felt him growing cold with death ready to claim him. I withdrew my fangs from his neck and with his blood trickling down my lips and chin as well as the warmth of his blood that flows throughout my body would have normally flood my body with new life. I know that I must act quickly otherwise death will take Nathan and he would just die and not become a vampire and my mate for eternity.

((Art work made by :iconhanechan: HaneChan. Two more parts to go with Bianca claims a mate. I am finding a way to make this canon as Bianca will play an important part in the rights for vampires as well as protecting both humans and vampires.))
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate Part 2 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux Claims a Mate Part 2

We kept walking in the park until we got to the middle of a wooden bridge. We looked up at the night sky with the lovely full moon over the bright sky. After a moment, we faced each other and met in a deep kiss with our love for each other pouring within the actions we are sharing with each other. Once the kiss broke, I look into his eyes and place my hands upon his chest.

“Oh Nathan, I have been thinking about this for a long time. I have a question for you.” I said to him as I am a bit nervous in what I am asking.

He smiles at me and leans back against the railing for the bridge. His smile is very infectious as he is now worried about what I am going to ask of him. “Well if it has anything to do with going back home with you and enjoying the night making sweet love to you, I am in.” he chuckled as well as did I as he has a great sense of humor. He can always get a smile out of me and this was no different.

“I am being serious here as I am going to ask you something that will change your entire life.” I said to him after a chuckle.

“Alright love, what is it that you want to ask me?” he asked as his tone never changed from his interest and intrigue with me as well as his love.

I turn my gaze from his eyes and look at the ground “I know we have been going out for nearly a year and it is so fresh that vampires became public knowledge. But I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you to time.” I said giving a brief pause as I am really having trouble asking Nathan this question.

“You want to ask me to join you in eternity, am I right?” he said so causal and in matter of fact that cause me to jerk my head up in shock and have my gaze return to his eyes.

I let out a chuckle and nodded. “You are very intelligent.” I presses a kiss to his cheek and smile at Nathan. “I want to ask you if you want to become a vampire. However I have to say this as a warning. Once you become a vampire, there is no turning back. Also once you do turn, you will more then likely kill your first meals as you will need a lot of blood when you first wake up.”

Nathan smiles as he didn’t take long to answer my question. “I would be a deep honor to be with you for eternity. I love you Bianca. I welcome your bite any night. The fact that I can be a vampire by your hand and be with you for eternity makes me very happy.” He says with a smile. “Just let me know what I need to do.”

(The artwork was made for me by :iconhanechan: HaneChan. There are three more parts to come. I hope everyone is liking so far.)
This month's AOTM is :iconhori:. I am a big Zelda fan and she made a photo of Midna which looks beautiful and something that looks like the Baroness from G.I. Joe. God I can't wait for that movie.

The Thanks goes out to :iconalmeidap: for making a couple more Bianca images that I will be putting up here by the end of this weekend. Also I will put up a new chapter to the Origins storyline.

Also I need help for ideas for a prank. My parents did a low blow on me and I need to get them back with a low blow of my own. All ideas are welcome.
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