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I felt the need to have something new. I have killed many people in many different fun and boring ways. Searching for inspiration, in my soon to be recent victim’s home, I saw a movie that was placed on the DVD Player. It was called the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I felt the huge smile on my face when I turn to look at my victim, someone whose name isn’t important, who is tied up on the floor with a ball gag in his mouth. He must be one a kinky one as I could tell he is excited. He was totally unaware that today would be his last. He is looking at me wondering if he has found a new mistress. I just look at him smile at him cruelly before I blind fold him with a piece of duct tape so I can take the time to search for the object of my desire. I searched his home looking in the basement first followed by his garage. I didn’t find what I wanted until I went into the shed that is in his back yard and found what I desired. With my leather covered hand, I picked up a chainsaw that shined in a way that was yet to be used. I checked it over and saw that it had gas in it. I returned into the house with the chainsaw in hand to see my victim still waiting for me and no longer excited. I guess I must have taken too long to find his chainsaw. I placed the chainsaw on the kitchen counter and returned to my victim. “Keep your eyes on the floor.” I demanded as I ripped the duct tape off. He groaned in pain while I took the ball gag off so I can hear his lovely screams a pain later. He responded, “Yes, Mistress.” His voice still held pain in it but also found a little excitement again. I took a hold of his hair and keeping his head down, I pulled him over to the counter where the chainsaw waited to taste his soft flesh. While I look at the chainsaw, my victim started to kiss my thigh high leather boots. I had no problem with that as I wanted his focus on something other then what I am doing until it is too late. I gave him a moment as I watched him worshiping my feet but the urge to let the starving chainsaw rip though his soft flesh grew quickly in me. I had to kill him. My smile had to be very sinister as I know my eyes had to have that same look and he wouldn’t know it. My smile, maybe, but not my eyes since I had them covered with my shades. I couldn’t wait anymore. I quickly picked up the chainsaw and pulled the rip cord once to turn on the chainsaw. The engine roared bringing the murder weapon to life. My victim stopped kissing my boots and looked up just in time as I stepped to the side of his body. I saw the horrified look on his face I pushed the throttle to full and quickly slammed the blade and the teeth of the chainsaw into his flesh of his back. My victim made screams of pain that were music to my ears as I continued to move the chainsaw through his body. Blood sprayed all over the room and all over my new leather outfit. I didn’t care since I have experience cleaning blood off my clothes. The chainsaw would soon be the only sound made in the room as I quickly made it halfway through his body and soon after, cutting him in half. His insides and end trails where sprawled out on the floor as well as sprayed out from the cutting. My victim’s only sound was gurgles from the loss of blood as well as shock. I turned off chainsaw, placed it back on the kitchen counter, and I kicked my victim’s upper body to face upward, to face me. “Before you fall into darkness I want to tell you a secret.” I said as I pressed my foot and my stiletto heel from my boot into his chest. “The pleasure I desire is killing. And in a way you took my virginity. I have never killed anyone with a chainsaw before. I must say it that it is fun even though it is very quick.” His eyes turn glassily as death would soon claim his soul and I laughed long and hard. I walked away casually from his body and made my way to the bathroom. I couldn’t leave with blood all over my body as I really don’t want to have the cops breathing down my neck. I took a hold of his wash cloth and took ten, maybe fifteen, minutes. I washed off all the blood from my face. I also wiped off the blood from my leathers as I know they will have to be dry cleaned later. I made sure I looked good before I returned to the kitchen to leave. I looked over my latest kill in satisfaction before turning to see the chainsaw, dripping blood on the counter. I smile at the lovely tool that I used to extinguish life and knew instantly that I had to get one of my own as well as many other victims as I want my next time to last much longer. I left everything being and with a satisfied smile on my face, I reflect upon my conquest. I replay the quick fun I had, the sounds of the chainsaw, the screams of my victim, and the moment when the cutting started. I just know I have to do it again soon as the fun was over just too fast.
A New Way to Murder for Leanne

This is part of a trade agreement with :iconmordredoforkney: mordredoforkney. He would make a couple images of my Bianca and in return I would do some stories with his characters. Expect more to come.



United States
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Rogue from X-Men Animated Series.
Personal Quote: I will not rest in peace
This month's AOTM is :iconhori:. I am a big Zelda fan and she made a photo of Midna which looks beautiful and something that looks like the Baroness from G.I. Joe. God I can't wait for that movie.

The Thanks goes out to :iconalmeidap: for making a couple more Bianca images that I will be putting up here by the end of this weekend. Also I will put up a new chapter to the Origins storyline.

Also I need help for ideas for a prank. My parents did a low blow on me and I need to get them back with a low blow of my own. All ideas are welcome.
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