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Bianca Bordeaux's Return Part 2 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux's Return Part 2
I took Morgan by the hand and slowly helped her from the couch as the human opened her eyes. I looked into her eyes and she into mine. It would be so easy to ‘glamour’ her into do whatever I wanted but there is no fun in that kind of seduction. It’s a lot better when I get them to freely give into me. It is far more fun to have them play with them rather than being able to do whatever I want to the mind of my prey. It also makes the blood taste a lot better in my personal opinion.

Blood can be flavored by the emotions of the prey. Fear has a bolder flavor, like that of a medium rare stake for humans, sorrow or sadness has a sour taste, like that of a lemon and being happy has a sweet taste like candy. I prefer using lust, seduction, and orgasmic kind of flavor as it is much sweeter and has the right amount of spice than my prey just being happy. I love taking blood from certain prey, those who worthy of it, in the midst of their orgasm as it is the sweetest taste. Even more so from a virgin having his or hers first experience with any kind of sex. Times have changed from where it can be done all the time. Now it’s a rare delicacy.

We slowly walk from the living room to the master bedroom where my king sized bed waits for us in white sheets. I reach over to turn on the light as I walked in and I smile at the bed. Morgan let go of my hand and stayed at the door and I could tell her nervousness build up as well as hear her heart pounding. My instincts as a predator told me to take her. That isn’t how I do things.

“Bianca, you are very beautiful and I would love nothing more than to have you as my first.” Morgan said, “But I don’t want to disappoint you. I want you to have as much enjoyment that I would have.”

I smiled at Morgan and took off my gloves and placed them on the night stand. “Oh hush now darling.” I said as walked over toward her. Once face to face, I cupped Morgan’s cheek into my hand and started to whisper seductively, “I get more enjoyment from my partner’s pleasure then my own so there is no need to worry.” I finished by placing a soft kiss upon Morgan’s lips and took a step backward as my light touch was enough to pull Morgan into the bedroom with me.

Morgan didn’t say anymore as my kiss was just enough to push the sweet innocent mortal into giving into instinctual urges of lust and sex. Our eyes close at the same time as our kiss became very deep. My tongue exploring the mouth and the tongue of Morgan’s and vice versa.  While working over Morgan with my kiss, I let my hands trail down to my prey’s waist until I reached the hem of the dress. I broke the kiss for the moment and pull the white and pink dress that held Morgan’s body tight and youthful body, over her head. I was able to reveal Morgan’s perky breasts and I smiled. I didn’t bother with taking off the shoes as I figured there wouldn’t a good time to do it since Morgan’s heart and blood were racing with lust.

Once Morgan was in the nude, I tried to do the same only to have my prey stop me. “No, I want to unwrap you.” She whispered in a heated and lustful way.

“Then go ahead, unwrap me darling.” I replied in the same heated whisper as I was lusting for something other than sex. Morgan carefully took to the hem of my leather dress and pulled it over my head. My own perfect and nude body was exposed to her and she took in all in.

I smiled as I turned Morgan around so that I would have her back and wrapped my arms around her, letting my fingers trail up and down the flesh of her breast, arms, and stomach. I walked backward toward the bed with no resistance from Morgan. It wasn’t long before we were on top of the bed with me sitting behind my prey. Morgan let out light moans of pleasure and I smiled as she is very worthy of having me take her blood while she is in ecstasy.

I pulled her further into the bed with my legs open so that I can hold my prey close to my body and let my fingers and my hands do the work. Morgan continues to let out soft moans of pleasure and delight as I started to places kisses on her neck.

“It’s time for you to experience pleasure that you have only dreamed about to this point of your life.” I whispered into Morgan’s ear after a set of kisses to her neck.

Morgan’s eyes close as my right hand lightly traced down the human’s breast, stomach, waist, until I reach between her legs. My fingers touched her now wet sex and I began to rub at it, causing Morgan to moan out a little louder than before. My fingers push open the lips, looking for her little nub. Once found, I let my fingers and my hands do the rubbing, slow at first as I want to play with my prey and let her have a good time. Morgan began to arch and spasm to much touch to match my slow speed to start but she became louder and her body move faster when I started to speed up. I would keep going back and forth until my hunger couldn’t bare it any more.

I started to speed up my rubbing as I started to listen and feel for the exact point of when Morgan would go into her blissful orgasm. My fangs elongated and were itching to push past the flesh to get to where to the rich blood that is racing inside of Morgan. Morgan herself is moaning loudly and having the time of her life. It wasn’t long before Morgan was right at the edge of ecstasy with her neck fully exposed. It was at that moment that I decided it was time to strike.

I quickly opened my mouth and pushed my fangs into the flesh of the human’s flesh quickly so that Morgan wouldn’t feel pain and taint the perfectly sweeten and spiced blood that I worked so hard to get. My hand left from between Morgan’s legs just as the splash of fresh blood entered into my mouth while having her wound covered. Morgan went into her orgasm, grabbed a hold of my leg as I started to suck hard and heavily from my victim’s neck to get more and more of her sweet blood into my mouth, onto my tongue, and down my throat. Because of how delicious Morgan’s blood tastes to me, I started to moan in my own pleasure and fall into ecstasy.

It wasn’t long until Morgan’s body became weak and I was holding her up while I fed. Death will claim this young woman soon and her first intimate moment would become the last moment she will ever have.

(The art work was created by :iconmordredoforkney: mordredoforkney. Story was created by me. Part 3 and the final part to this story coming by the end of the month)

Bianca with jacket by Mordredoforkney by NewEvilRising
Bianca with jacket by Mordredoforkney
A taste as I am still working on Part 2 of Bianca Bordeaux Returns. The art work was created by :iconmordredoforkney: mordredoforkney. This was part of his work trying to get Bianca right. I love the jacket he put with Bianca.

For those of you who are wondering or are new to Bianca Bordeaux, Bianca is a vampire who has seen many things in her long life span and has enjoyed many pleasures. The return series is a bit of a reboot for her. Also stay tuned in as I will be working on a cross over wtih
mordredoforkney's Leanne with Bianca so it will be a lot of fun to come.
Bianca Bordeaux's Return Part 1 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux's Return Part 1

The night has only just begun and I was already dressed for the night. I have someone coming in to be a date tonight. A young, human female that has lovely red hair who is my neighbor will be coming over to my place tonight to enjoy the night with me. I have been working on seducing her for a while as she is very innocent. Hell, I would dare say that Morgan, the human who is coming over to my place tonight, is a virgin. It would only mean that when I get to feed from the lovely red head, it would make Morgan’s blood all the sweeter on her tongue. I had requested that Morgan wear a nice dress to our little private party as I was already planning on doing the same. I have grown into the look of soft leather clothes as I have found them quite sexy but yet in the same, classy. Of course they have to be designed properly as there are leather clothes that are meant to be more erotic, but that just isn’t my style.

So I got on my new black leather dress that clings to my body to show off my curves but yet classy in style. I also have on my black leather gloves with matching thigh high boots with stiletto heels. I prefer boots of any kind over pumps. I feel they are much better to show of the legs then lacy stockings. I do like pumps every now and then but I can’t help but love my boots. I looked myself over in the mirror and I smiled as my blue eyes made sure my black hair is perfect.

As if only on cue, the doorbell rang and I smiled an all knowing smile I as knew I will be having a feast tonight. I made my way through the bedroom away from the mirror, from the bed where I plan on having Morgan, in more ways than one. Going through the hallway and the living room of my two story house that was so graciously given to me by the previous owner, I made my way to the door and opened it up to see the lovely red haired beauty that is Morgan at my door.

I look over the human with a smile as she has on a lovely dress that would be meant to be out in during the day. A white dress and pinkish color designs upon the dress with matching pumps made Morgan look so beautiful, and yet very innocent. I gave a smile as I knew that it will be fun tonight.

“Morgan, you look lovely. Please come in.” I said as I stepped to the side as the human walked inside.

“Well, it’s nothing compared to you.” Morgan said to me. “I feel like I am out of place with how you look.”

I gave a chuckle as I shut the door after Morgan was clear of the door. “Thank you. But you shouldn’t feel out of place my dear. You are very beautiful. But I would rather not just keep you here in front of the door like I am just going to throw you out. Please follow me.”

I lead Morgan to the living room and gave her a smile. “You have a really lovely place here Bianca. It is big and spacious. If you are by yourself, it must get very lonely here.” Morgan said as she looked over the living room and how I have it decorated.

“Oh it can get lonely here but I am grateful of when I go get guests here to visit.” I said while walking to the kitchen to get a glass to get some wine for Morgan to drink. “I hope you don’t mine some wine?”

“No, that will be fine.” Morgan said in response.

I pulled out from the cupboard one of my favorite glasses and a bottle of wine. Once I easily popped the cork from the bottle, I pour the smooth liquid of red into the glass. Once there is enough wine in the glass, I put the cork on the bottle and returned to the living room with the glass in hand.

I handed it to Morgan and smiled at her. Morgan took the glass and smiled but that quickly faded once she saw that I only had one.

“You’re not having a drink with me?” Morgan asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled as my eyes locked onto the vain in Morgan’s neck as my fangs were already longing to find a nice warm place to enter so that I may drink of Morgan’s blood. But I personally like my prey lustful or orgasmic before I drink from their neck, or their inner thigh.

“Oh don’t worry about me my dear sweet Morgan. I will join you in a drink soon. I am just no very thirsty right now.” I said while thinking to myself that I haven’t properly warmed up Morgan and her blood to the sweet taste I love. “Now, have a seat with me and tell me about you day.” I said while taking a seat on the white couch and crossing my legs.

Morgan gave a smile and walked over to the couch and sat down next to me. She put the rim of the glass to her lips and took a sip of the wine only have a shocking look on her face after the taste of the liquid hit her tongue. I laughed when I saw that look. Morgan’s look was that of how delicious the wine is.

“First off, this wine is delicious but I am sure you already knew that.” Morgan chuckled before taking another sip.

I slid over closer to Morgan to be really close while letting my fingers string through the red hair of the human. “Oh yes I do but onto you day. Tell me please.” I said in a coaxing manner to which much wasn’t needed.

Morgan leaned into my hand as I continued to string my fingers through the hair of the human. “Well work was a pain. We got all these new books in and my boss is still trying to get my skirt off. I am sorry but I am not going to have my first time be in the office of a library. That just seems too slutty and not romantic let alone I wouldn’t let that old man touch me with a forty foot pole.” Morgan started on about.

“Well I don’t disagree with you in that not wanting to be taken in a library office or with that old man for a boss of yours. But for a first time I agree that it wouldn’t best way to be made into a woman.” I said as I lean into Morgan’s neck and taking in her fresh scent with her lips inches away from the human’s neck. “But I do think for a woman like you, it should be more intimate, like this.” I said in a whisper and started to press soft kisses to the neck of the human as I start to work my seduction.

I could feel the pulse quickly elevate on Morgan as the human was taken by surprise and didn’t know what to do. Hell, Morgan couldn’t even speak as I pressed soft kiss after kiss upon her neck, the place where I am looking to bite. I closed my eyes as I let my instincts take over. My free hand reached over to lightly touch under Morgan’s chin to turn the head of the human so that my lips could press into her in a deep and intimate kiss. Morgan didn’t fight it. In fact, the human gave in and out lips met softly at first in little pecks. It didn’t last long as I made our kiss deeper and longer, my tongue licking at Morgan’s lips at first. My tongue was quickly accepted into Morgan’s mouth as the kiss got deeper and deeper. I can feel and hear Morgan’s blood starting to race through her veins as we pulled each other closer.

I broke the kiss, slowly pulled away, and opened my eyes only to see Morgan’s eyes still closed and her lips aching for mine.

“Let’s get to my bedroom. There are far less windows for anyone to see us enjoy each other. Besides, I don’t want to share you with anyone in this moment that is meant just for you.” I said in a whisper.

Morgan whispered out “Yes.” and I knew I had my prey hooked.

(The art work was created by :iconmordredoforkney: mordredoforkney. Story was created by me.)

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
I felt the need to have something new. I have killed many people in many different fun and boring ways. Searching for inspiration, in my soon to be recent victim’s home, I saw a movie that was placed on the DVD Player. It was called the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I felt the huge smile on my face when I turn to look at my victim, someone whose name isn’t important, who is tied up on the floor with a ball gag in his mouth. He must be one a kinky one as I could tell he is excited. He was totally unaware that today would be his last. He is looking at me wondering if he has found a new mistress. I just look at him smile at him cruelly before I blind fold him with a piece of duct tape so I can take the time to search for the object of my desire. I searched his home looking in the basement first followed by his garage. I didn’t find what I wanted until I went into the shed that is in his back yard and found what I desired. With my leather covered hand, I picked up a chainsaw that shined in a way that was yet to be used. I checked it over and saw that it had gas in it. I returned into the house with the chainsaw in hand to see my victim still waiting for me and no longer excited. I guess I must have taken too long to find his chainsaw. I placed the chainsaw on the kitchen counter and returned to my victim. “Keep your eyes on the floor.” I demanded as I ripped the duct tape off. He groaned in pain while I took the ball gag off so I can hear his lovely screams a pain later. He responded, “Yes, Mistress.” His voice still held pain in it but also found a little excitement again. I took a hold of his hair and keeping his head down, I pulled him over to the counter where the chainsaw waited to taste his soft flesh. While I look at the chainsaw, my victim started to kiss my thigh high leather boots. I had no problem with that as I wanted his focus on something other then what I am doing until it is too late. I gave him a moment as I watched him worshiping my feet but the urge to let the starving chainsaw rip though his soft flesh grew quickly in me. I had to kill him. My smile had to be very sinister as I know my eyes had to have that same look and he wouldn’t know it. My smile, maybe, but not my eyes since I had them covered with my shades. I couldn’t wait anymore. I quickly picked up the chainsaw and pulled the rip cord once to turn on the chainsaw. The engine roared bringing the murder weapon to life. My victim stopped kissing my boots and looked up just in time as I stepped to the side of his body. I saw the horrified look on his face I pushed the throttle to full and quickly slammed the blade and the teeth of the chainsaw into his flesh of his back. My victim made screams of pain that were music to my ears as I continued to move the chainsaw through his body. Blood sprayed all over the room and all over my new leather outfit. I didn’t care since I have experience cleaning blood off my clothes. The chainsaw would soon be the only sound made in the room as I quickly made it halfway through his body and soon after, cutting him in half. His insides and end trails where sprawled out on the floor as well as sprayed out from the cutting. My victim’s only sound was gurgles from the loss of blood as well as shock. I turned off chainsaw, placed it back on the kitchen counter, and I kicked my victim’s upper body to face upward, to face me. “Before you fall into darkness I want to tell you a secret.” I said as I pressed my foot and my stiletto heel from my boot into his chest. “The pleasure I desire is killing. And in a way you took my virginity. I have never killed anyone with a chainsaw before. I must say it that it is fun even though it is very quick.” His eyes turn glassily as death would soon claim his soul and I laughed long and hard. I walked away casually from his body and made my way to the bathroom. I couldn’t leave with blood all over my body as I really don’t want to have the cops breathing down my neck. I took a hold of his wash cloth and took ten, maybe fifteen, minutes. I washed off all the blood from my face. I also wiped off the blood from my leathers as I know they will have to be dry cleaned later. I made sure I looked good before I returned to the kitchen to leave. I looked over my latest kill in satisfaction before turning to see the chainsaw, dripping blood on the counter. I smile at the lovely tool that I used to extinguish life and knew instantly that I had to get one of my own as well as many other victims as I want my next time to last much longer. I left everything being and with a satisfied smile on my face, I reflect upon my conquest. I replay the quick fun I had, the sounds of the chainsaw, the screams of my victim, and the moment when the cutting started. I just know I have to do it again soon as the fun was over just too fast.
A New Way to Murder for Leanne

This is part of a trade agreement with :iconmordredoforkney: mordredoforkney. He would make a couple images of my Bianca and in return I would do some stories with his characters. Expect more to come.



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This month's AOTM is :iconhori:. I am a big Zelda fan and she made a photo of Midna which looks beautiful and something that looks like the Baroness from G.I. Joe. God I can't wait for that movie.

The Thanks goes out to :iconalmeidap: for making a couple more Bianca images that I will be putting up here by the end of this weekend. Also I will put up a new chapter to the Origins storyline.

Also I need help for ideas for a prank. My parents did a low blow on me and I need to get them back with a low blow of my own. All ideas are welcome.
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