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I am hobbyist writer and I love the supernatural. Hence I have the character Bianca Bordeaux, a vampire, and my most recent character, Sophia Beauchamp. The artwork on my page is commissioned for me and are credited. However the ones that have stories with them is my writing have comments on. The others only have links going to the artists whom have made them for me for you to comment there. I have just recently made a comeback and I am looking to continue this along.…


Bianca Bordeaux by Deviant-Wolfe by NewEvilRising
Bianca Bordeaux by Deviant-Wolfe
A request I made to :icondeviant-wolfe: as I love is images of vampires so I asked him if he could do a Bianca Image. It came out very well.
Bianca meets Jessy (Part 9 - Final) by NewEvilRising
Bianca meets Jessy (Part 9 - Final)
I hear the water for the shower get turned on and I knew I will be waiting for a while. I get up from the bed and I make my way out to the living room and wait for Jessy. About an hour later, Jessy steps out into the living room with a smile while I am sitting on the couch. When she shows up in that lovely red dress, I smile as I knew that red is really Jessy’s color. I got up from the couch and walked over to Jessy.

“Will I need to sleep in a coffin?” Jessy asked inquisitively.

“No, you don’t have to sleep in a coffin but you will need one if you plan on traveling to a place that will take more than a night.” I respond. “I will help you get one in due time. But you have a lot to learn other than your sleeping arrangements.” I teased as I lead the young vampire out of the door.

“I think I am going to like this new life.” Jessy said as we stepped out of the apartment complex and out into the night air.

“I think you will two. Now we have to go out and get you fed. That is the number one priority.” I said to Jessy. After my words, Jessy stops me and turns me to face her.

“I don’t know if I am worthy enough for when I was human to make into a vampire, but I am happy you did. I will do everything in my power to make you proud Bianca.” Jessy smiles.

“Anyone I turn into a vampire is worthy of it. As for reasons why…..” I pause for a moment to press a kiss upon the cheek of Jessy, “I never give them out. I prefer to keep some mystery about me. It keeps me on the side of seductive. It also makes me alluring and easier to lure in prey without having to use our glamour.” I say with a smile.

Jessy then rubs her stomach as I can see her hunger pains calling for her to find some blood. I take her by the hand and smile at her.

“I have a surprise for you. I have an arrangement for your first meal. And since you need a lot of blood, you normally need two humans. So I specially picked out the one who fired you from your job and the anchorwoman that took over your spot.” I say as I start leading Jessy to where they are at.

“Really? Wow, I think I am going to be falling in love.” Jessy said in an excited, surprise shock.

“I know.” I respond with a smile as we walk down the street and make our way to where her first meals are waiting, the news station where Jessy was dismissed from.

((The image was made by :iconfurbs3d:. It is beautifully done. Also when I can get the frameless image, I will make an update. This was also done per permission with :iconladydreammaker: to use Jessy. Thank you to both of you.))

Part 8 -

Mature Content

Bianca meets Jessy (Part 8) by NewEvilRising
Bianca meets Jessy (Part 8)
Over the three days before Jessy wakes from her hibernation, I got a Jessy a new dress and made sure that she was safe from anyone wanting to peer in on Jessy. Luckily there was nothing to worry about. During that time, I made sure I was well fed so that I didn’t leave Jessy until it was nearly sunrise and had to.

The third day arrives and I am sitting on the bed with Jessy still in hibernation. I have the dress ready for her as tonight will be the night she rises. I even got her a pair of matching pumps. She will have a different color dress as they didn’t have pink. However I loved the red color and thought it would be perfect for Jessy. I have it waiting for Jessy on the mannequin so when it is time for her to get dress. I know she will be hungry but she will be in amazement of her heighten senses.

I didn’t see any moment until about movement until about midnight when a light moan escaped the lips of Jessy. I lock my gaze upon her face and soon I see Jessy open her eyes. I smile at the newly made vampire and can see that she is looking me over. My boots are the same as they are my favorite kind. But I can see her looking over a different dress that is clinging to my body. It is a black mini dress with straps this time.

“You have a dress this time that looks like it isn’t going to fall this time.” Jessy said softly in a tease as she sits up.

I just giggle and nodded. “Indeed. However I do like that dress so you will be seeing me in that quite a few times.” I respond. “And speaking of dresses, since I kinda destroyed your pink dress from the other night, I went a got you a new one.” I point over behind her where the same dress that Jessy was wearing when they met, it is just only red. “I also got you some matching heels to go with it.

Jessy turned and looked over at the dress. “I love red but that pink dress I loved too.”

“Yeah, well if you remember three nights ago, I kind of ripped it off your body and now it’s destroyed.” I said with a hope that Jessy doesn’t react badly.

Jessy’s gaze returned to mine and she just nodded. “I do remember that and I did like the dress. But clothes are nothing when it comes to companionship.”

I smile at her and pull her in for a kiss. This one is just soft and sweet. It only lasted for a brief moment as it was just a peck before looking at the woman. “You need to get dressed. We need to get you well fed tonight. Otherwise you might not survive the transformation.

Jessy nodded as stood up, she took a hold of the dress, and walked to the bathroom to clean up. I smiled at the sight as Jessy let out her seductress side as she made her hips sway side to side, giving that tight, frim rear of hers a bounce with each step.

((The image was made by :iconfurbs3d:. It is beautifully done. Also when I can get the frameless image, I will make an update. This was also done per permission with :iconladydreammaker: to use Jessy. Thank you to both of you.))

Part 9 - Bianca meets Jessy (Part 9 - Final) by NewEvilRising

Part 7 -

Mature Content

Bianca Meets Jessy (Part 7) by NewEvilRising


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