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I am hobbyist writer and I love the supernatural. Hence I have the character Bianca Bordeaux, a vampire, and my most recent character, Sophia Beauchamp. The artwork on my page is commissioned for me and are credited. However the ones that have stories with them is my writing have comments on. The others only have links going to the artists whom have made them for me for you to comment there. I have just recently made a comeback and I am looking to continue this along.


Bianca Laying Low Part 4 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Laying Low Part 4
I was able to use the phone to get a hold of a moving company to help me out in getting my things together and get the hell out of Sapphire City. It is sad but I made the mistake of not making sure we were totally isolated. I should have waited until we got to Nicole’s bedroom. Damn my gnawing hunger. I was able to get a crew of two to meet me at my mansion home and hung up the phone. However that was just one part of the problem. The next call was back home to have my servants get me all packed up. I told them I wanted all my clothes packed up as well as my coffin and my cellphone and other electronics. Yes we have coffins, it’s the safest way for a vampire to travel long distances so that we can stay out of the sunlight

I now needed new place to call home. With the only option being that of Bridgeport, I got a hold of a contact that I have there with the phone of the limo. I called Doctor Robert Donaldson. The doctor that is studying and working on making the synthetic blood that will help both humans and vampires. I asked him to quickly find me a flat, an apartment. He said he would look around but he told me not to expect anything nice as well as to pay him back for getting the rent and the security deposit. I assured him that money wouldn’t be a problem and asked him to make sure that at least the apartment wasn’t run down and dingy. I would work on getting a home that I liked when I got to Bridgeport so that wouldn’t be a problem. Hell if I had my way, I would have the apartment for just in case and a home that overlooks the city of Bridgeport.

After a fifteen minute drive, I arrived back to my mansion home. I didn’t wait for the chauffeur to let me out of the limo. I quickly sent him on his way as the moving crew was waiting there with their loading truck, letting out yawns. It shocked me that they were using such a big truck as I wasn’t bringing much. The only item that it would make sense for is my coffin. I informed them that they would be handsomely paid for doing this on such short notice. I told that we are going to Bridgeport and that the can load the entire set of luggage first before handling the big box. They nodded and we walked in. The luggage was in front as well as the coffin. I was quite pleased with my servants as they knew how to work fast. They paused for a second seeing the coffin but it was only brief. They started to load the luggage first upon request.

While they were not watching I took a hold of my cell phone that was given to me by my maid. I wanted to make a call but I knew that this trip would be long and I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be lost to hunger for blood when I got to Bridgeport. I took the maid by the hand and took her away from everything being load. She knew exactly was I wanted and was excited. Apparently she wanted to feel my bite for a while now and she will not be getting her chance.

I brought her quickly to one of the guest rooms on the first level of the mansion and closed the door behind us. I wouldn’t have time to drink slowly and this maid wouldn’t be awake for the rest of the night to do her duties which is fine. I walked over to the bed and the maid followed as her heart beat is racing with excitement. I tossed my phone onto the bed as the maid came up to me, brushed her long red hair behind her ear, and exposed her neck to me. I gave her thanks and took the maid as my meal.

I left the guest bedroom alone with the maid in bed, moaning from the pleasure that my bite has given her while she is unconscious on her back. I had my cellphone in hand and it was fully charged so I would be able to get at least a couple of days to get things set up.  When I returned the moving crew were still working on the luggage as I did have a lot of great clothes that I wanted to go with me. When the coast was clear, I hurried to the coffin, lift the lid, and entered inside of the box with soft cushions and red velvet texture coving it. I closed the lid just before they crew returned to gather more of the luggage that held my clothes. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity but it was really only ten minutes before they loaded up my coffin. They were very careful with it as well as maybe hesitant of it as it’s a coffin but they were able to get it loaded without jarring it and annoying me. The placed the coffin down and I started to work my cell phone to send the crew a text. I had texted to them that I would give them an address when we were on the road and closed my eyes to sleep and wait for a phone call. I never did get a chance to say good bye to Sapphire City.

It was going to be at least a four day drive and I knew when we got to our destination, I would not only have to feed, but I would end up killing someone. There was other no way around it. I wouldn’t have any blood bags from the hospital’s blood banks to drink so an unfortunate human would die. But at least I would make their end be the best way for them to sacrifice themselves for me.

It was twelve hours later when I would get a call from Doctor Donaldson. I woke and answer it. He gave me the address that I would need for my flat but he also was able to find out of a nice house for sale that I can look at when I get there. It is fully furnished and just waiting for someone to claim. He gave me the number for the realtor plus the information on the house. I thanked him and we hung up. We wouldn’t meet again or talk again until I got to my flat.

I texted the information of where the flat is to the drivers and they responded thirty seconds later with an “OK”. Next I called up the realtor’s office and spoke to a delightful woman. She introduced herself as Morgan. I then asked about the place that Doctor Donaldson told me about and she gave me all the information I needed. I told Morgan that I would take it but I would need her to drop the papers off with the good Doctor as I will sign them as well as leave the keys. Morgan wasn’t sure that she could do that but I assured her that on the night I arrived in Bridgeport, she will have the papers signed and for all the money to be wired for the place straight up. Morgan agreed, gave me the wiring numbers to send the money to the realtor agency’s account, and I hung up the phone. I was soon given a text from a cell phone that I didn’t recognize but saw it held the account numbers as well as Morgan’s signature.

I slept until I could tell that the engine for the truck was off. I looked at my phone and saw that it was nearly dawn so I would be okay to get out as well as that it was four days later. I could feel my hunger gnawing at me and I needed blood. But it would have to wait till at least tomorrow. The coffin was first to move as I felt it being picked up. They were very careful like the first time but once it was on the ground, I quickly was able to get out of it. However I would be greeted by Doctor Donaldson.

I smiled at him and he did in return as I got out of the coffin. We shook hands as he handed over a file for me as well as the keys for the flat and the house. The crew just went about their business of unloading and I smiled at the flat as it too was furnished and decent. I walked over to a table to look over the paper work quickly so that I can claim the house. Once those were signed I gave the file back to the Doctor asked him to turn it in for me. I also got onto my cell phone before the battery died. I wired the money to the agency and everything was set up for me to settle in. I pulled out the charger, put the plug into the wall, and put the other end into my phone to charge.

I smiled to myself as I watched the crew finish up and leave the apartment. I would spend the day unpacking some of my clothes during the day but tomorrow night I needed a meal. That’s when I thought about Morgan and knew I had to meet her and claim her. I picked up the cellphone and while it was still on the charger, I called her up. Morgan picked up the phone and it sounded like I woke her up. I said that I was in town now and everything was taken care of. I also invited her to a house warming party. She accepted and I told her the time to meet me at the house. I didn’t let her know that it would be a party for two and it would be the last day she would be alive. I had my meal and my house set up for the next night and I couldn’t help but smile. However I did have a feeling in my gut of regret that Morgan will be dying for my satisfaction but I plan on making her last night a night worth ending a life on.

The art was made by :iconhanechan: Hanechan. Another beautiful piece from the lovely lady. This image was done a while ago but I wanted to wait until I got the also beautiful pieces from :icongreenstranger: Green Stranger. Go check out each of these artists work as they are two different styles but totally amazing. Next up will putting up character profiles for all the main characters and some minor characters for Bloodlines. Things are going to start to heat up.))

Bloodlines Profile - Viktoria Valentina by NewEvilRising
Bloodlines Profile - Viktoria Valentina

Name: Viktoria Valentina

Race: Human

Age: 32

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’7”

Viktoria is from the proud family Valentia. They were a family of privilege until one fateful night. When Viktoria was only six years old, she was the only survivor of a vampire attack that claimed her mother, father, and baby sister. The only reason she survived is because dawn was near. However the trauma that she suffered from watching her family get slaughter and her nearly joining them made her go on a personal quest to take out every vampire she meets up with and one day she will take the life of the vampire who took her family away from her. She inherited the vast fortune of the Valentina family and used that to help find vampire hunters so she can train to have her revenge. Viktoria first vampire kill happened when she was sixteen. She was almost killed that night but she was able to get lucky when she was able to pull out her silver dagger and plunge it right into the heart of the vampire she was hunt that was just about to bite her. From there Viktoria has only gotten better at her combat and her hunting abilities and rules. The main rule is never hunt vampires alone. Vampires are much stronger and faster than humans and it would be too easy for one to just rip a human limb from limb. It’s why they hunt as a team. Although sometime Viktoria doesn’t always follow this rule because of her rage for vampires.

Viktoria is always very serious when it comes anything. She doesn’t play games. Viktoria would prefer to train if she has any down time to make sure she is at the peak human shape for hunting. She has seen many things in this world and with vampires now coming out into the public and working on getting basic rights in the United States, more specifically Bridgeport, Viktoria has taken to hunt down as many as she can before any laws are passed that would only get her into trouble. She has also heard that the vampire that murdered her family is in Bridgeport so she also has a timeline to make sure that vampire who killed her family meets their end.

((The art was made by :iconhanechan: Hanechan. Another beautiful piece from the lovely lady. However the muse for this character is based off of Heike, The Fetish Queen. You can see more of her here… that will lead you to go to her main site. Thank you Heike for the inspiration.))

Bianca Laying Low Part 3 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Laying Low Part 3

Bianca Laying Low Part 3

Now I am sure you are far more interested in how I was forced to move out of Sapphire City and into Bridgeport. Well it goes back to where I was too comfortable with surrounding as well as letting myself get hungry. It was a Saturday night, cold, and just days before Christmas. I was invited to a Holiday Gala by the socialites as I was able to make my way into their ranks. Money is always a way to show off and it is always within the clothes. I remember my black dress, a very low neckline to give a nice view of my breast with a bit of a strain of popping out, sleeves that were more gloves that were a, part of the dress, a long slit up the leg to show of how smooth they were. The black silk thigh high stockings with black pump shoes on my feet and legs. Underneath was black lace panties. Everything clung to my body tightly to show off all the right curves in all the right places. A great look to lure in prey as I walked into their ballroom.

It was the estate of the McMahon family who pretty much runs Sapphire City with their money. Everyone can be bought to make their lives better in the pocket book and they didn’t care whom they stepped on to get there. But I didn’t care. I was there to enjoy myself. It was to be night of song, mingling, and dance that would certainly entertain me for the night. I didn’t expect my hunger to rise up when it did as I had fed two nights before. But I should have remembered that chilled human blood doesn’t last as long as fresh warm human blood for nourishment. Because of that, I didn’t really want to stay because of how dangerous it could be to just pull someone away and feed upon them. However that wasn’t the case.

The eldest daughter of the McMahon family, Nicole, whom I was able to find out she is a lesbian in the closet. She didn’t come out publicly yet. I don’t know why and I didn’t want to know why. I could tell that this girl is very attracted to me. I was able to see her watching me from afar as I mingled with the men who thought it amusing to flirt with me. It was and I flirted back but I had no intention of staying with them for very long. I am bi-sexual but my flavor for blood is mostly female. However males do have their uses.

When I pulled away from the last group I was talking to, I saw Nicole still watching me and alone herself. She curled her finger at me to come toward her. She smiled and made my way around the mass of humans until I got to Nicole. Nicole was in a beautiful red dress with spaghetti straps that held up her dress and gave a nice u shape to show off a nice amount of cleavage with matching pumps on her feet. However there was no speaking between us.

The human’s lovely blonde that Nicole brushed her hair behind her ear before she took a hold of my hand and took me out of the ballroom and we made our way to where there wasn’t any humans around. I was assuming Nicole was taking me to her bedroom to try and seduce me. However my hunger was calling to me and I needed to feed. With us being isolated, I didn’t wait for the privacy of the bedroom.

I pulled Nicole into my arms and pressed her to the wall. I smiled at her as she wasn’t used to not being in control of the situation but once my lips quickly found Nicole’s. I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue invade the human’s mouth and elegantly massage the human’s tongue. Nicole didn’t protest for very long, or if at all. I can’t remember. She was moaning and wrapping her arms around my neck and closing her eyes, submitting to me whim. We weren’t on our feet for long as Nicole’s heel to her pump broke after trying to take the kiss deeper kiss.

I was able to control Nicole as we went to the floor so the thud was light and I landed on top. The kiss broke only for us to giggle like lustful girls giving into desire. Nicole wanted our lips to meet again but I didn’t. I wanted to play with Nicole and have dinner. I pressed my index finger to the human’s lips and smiled and looked into those lovely hazel eyes. Nicole started to lay back, complete relaxing on the floor. I smiled as I brushed her blonde locks of hair away from her neck.

I didn’t go for the bite right away as that would be no fun for me or my prey. I leaned into the neck and started leaving light kisses along the neck and jaw line. Moans escaped Nicole’s lips as licked her lightly, taking in the taste of the human’s flesh as I could feel the shivers of pleasure that Nicole received as she shivered herself. She must have never truly submitted to someone and I smiled.

One more final lick and kiss to allow my fangs to expose themselves, they are over where the incisors would be, and I carefully slipped them into Nicole’s neck and covered the wound with my lips. A moan of bliss escaped from Nicole as the flow of hot, fresh blood entered into my mouth and over my tongue. She was delicious and I drank to satisfy my craving. I sucked softly as I took from Nicole slowly. Sucking sound could only be heard by me and Nicole as I am sure Nicole’s moans of pleasure was from everything I was doing in that moment of the bite.

My hunger was quickly becoming satisfied and I withdrew with a smile on my face. I stayed over the top of Nicole for a moment before I decided it was time to close the wound. There was a nice little pool of blood and Nicole’s face held nothing but bliss and pleasure on her face. She wanted me to take more. I had no more desire to take more blood but I would give her neck the attention Nicole wanted. Before I could do that, a loud scream of terror echoed in the hallway.

I turned to see who it was and even Nicole opened her eyes and sat up a bit. We saw a house worker, a maid, who dropped the duster she held in her hand as I saw fear take her. My fangs weren’t retracted as I figured that is what she is seeing. There was a second scream and it came from Nicole. She had noticed there was blood and that it was her own. I didn’t have time to stick around nor to second guess my decision. I got onto my feet and in a blur I was gone with the two humans wondering what happened.

I rushed out of the place and with a limo that was waiting for its master. I was able to see the male chauffer wiping down the car. I put my hands onto his shoulders and forced him to look me in the eyes. I used my hypnosis, my “glamour”, to compel the human to drive me back to my place and then wait for me when we got there. During the drive I was able to arrange for another transport to load up my belonging and that I would have to move quickly. The only place I could think of to go is Bridgeport.

It was the place where they were studying to make a synthetic blood and I was directly funding. The onset for the study is to help out with the always short blood banks for helping humans in need of a transfusion. If it worked, vampires wouldn’t need to take blood from humans or even kill them. I know myself nothing will ever replace the fresh taste of blood from the source. Even I know that won’t stop vampires from feeding off human as it wouldn’t for me. The thought is that vampire killing humans when feeding would end. But right now I only needed it for my escape and salvation.

((This lovely image was made for my by :icongreenstranger: Green Stranger. There is only one part left for this story line. I have also came up with a title for my story. It will be call........Bloodlines.))

Bianca Laying Low Part 2 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Laying Low Part 2

The summer days were nice and hot but it allowed for hotter nights as well as still easy meals to pick up. I also got to do a lot more things on these days too. I enjoyed watching the city at night when I am not hunting. Weekends were pretty much the same but some of the days where I did nothing, I hoped the full moon would be out so that I can do one of my favorite things and no, it is not sex. Sex is indeed fun but not my only vice. I am a hedonist and I love all pleasures and one of my most favorite pleasures is getting into a nice bikini, laying a towel down on the sand of the nearby beach of the lake of Sapphire City, and getting in a nice moon bathing moment.

I may get someone to pass by and ask me what I am doing and look at my funny and that’s fine. I just can’t explain how good it feels to be under the light of a full moon and just soaking it those lovely rays of light, the cool air brushing over my body as I just lay and relax under the perfect night. Plus if it is a right someone, I have them join me and not only do I have a nice night in taking in the light of the moon, but I have a nice warm drink to go along with it. It really is a peaceful night, well for me any ways.

Also I do love to take a midnight swim. And before you go asking about vampires and running water, yes we can handle running water. I have no idea where Bram Stoker got his ideas but while he may have a handful of them right, he also got a lot wrong. And if you think I am going to expose all of our powers and secrets then you are mistaken.

I love feeling the water encasing my body while I go out for a good swim. It’s great feeling on par with a nice hot bubble bath but you really have to be able to enjoy both kinds of temperature for the water. I do and I love swimming. Hell I couldn’t even tell you how many times I gotten some of the best sex after having a human join me for a swim only for us to get lost in lust and my hunger.

Other than that on the summer night, I do enjoy a good bonfire. Again another one that is best with cuddling with someone. For me it’s enjoying the dancing flames and a hot drink in my arms.

If you had to ask me what my favorite season is, I would have to say summer but winter is not too far behind. Winter you can get away with wearing a lot of tighter clothes and I love wearing leather. Not where it is over the top. In a classy yet sophisticated look that also can show off how sexy a woman like me is.

((This lovely image was made for my by :icongreenstranger: Green Stranger. It's an awesome job and I am very thankful for it. I would also like to give Green Stranger a huge thank you for the idea of one of the pleasures Bianca enjoys....Moon Bathing))
Bianca Laying Low Part 1 by NewEvilRising
Bianca Laying Low Part 1

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Bianca, why did you go into hiding and why are you coming out now?” Well both are really great stories to tell to which you will hear them. But I suppose I have to start it out when I was Sapphire City in the state of Minnesota. I was enjoying my life there as the local cuisine was superb.  The winters were fun as there were always the single youthful men and women were almost looking for someone to warm up with and it was not always in the sexual nature. Sure I helped in changing their mind so I can drink their blood at the right flavor I love the most but a lot of them were raise with high family beliefs. It helped pure out the blood a bit but more times than not, they enjoy a good stiff alcoholic beverage. And that’s not to say they are alcoholics. It is that in the winter months, you are inside a lot.

I always found myself going out on a Friday and Saturday night with one or the other just to go have some fun and dance a little bit or to find someone to be my prey. Now I say prey as I did mean prey. I seduced who I was hunting and went home with them. I drank of their blood but because I am normally so good at keeping myself well fed, I hardly ever killed anyone. I only sipped out couple of pints of blood. I drank just enough blood to make my prey sleep and forget without me going into their mind and “glamour” myself out of their memory. I could do that if I wanted to but in a big city, you can get lost in the sea of humans and they will never remember you anyways. They will always feel like they had a little too much to drink and not remember anything. Of course my bite mark will linger for a couple of days but really no one really looks at them too hard.

What did I do during the rest of the week? Well that depends on the day. Sundays were the days I typically did nothing. Monday was a good night to join in with the sports crowd and get a good meal. I typically didn’t care for the games so much as more or less finding a meal. I have had my fair share of athlete blood and while it is wonderful, there are times I find someone who uses performance enhancers which taints the flavor. But I am getting off track. Tuesday I didn’t do much unless I felt the need to go do something which could be anything. Wednesday was a hunting day while Thursday I made my plans on what I wanted to do for the weekend. Now I hit a lot of clubs and bars then but again in the winter time that is the norm. However the summer time is a different story.

((This lovely image was made for my by :icongreenstranger: Green Stranger. It's an awesome job and I am very thankful for it. These first two parts are going to be short by design with parts 3 and 4 being the meat of this arch. I might be able to get part 2 up. Also be on the look out for profile/promo images coming out on the characters of what I am leaning towards a title of Bloodlines.))
This month's AOTM is :iconhori:. I am a big Zelda fan and she made a photo of Midna which looks beautiful and something that looks like the Baroness from G.I. Joe. God I can't wait for that movie.

The Thanks goes out to :iconalmeidap: for making a couple more Bianca images that I will be putting up here by the end of this weekend. Also I will put up a new chapter to the Origins storyline.

Also I need help for ideas for a prank. My parents did a low blow on me and I need to get them back with a low blow of my own. All ideas are welcome.
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